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September 20, 2008


Eddy Cannonball

Folks dressed up like cabin boys.....???

That be wrong on so many levels.

Kris Electricteeth

@Tweed- aye, that reminds me of an old sea chanty:

Furries roasting by an open fire
Jack Sparrow nipping at your nose
Letters of Marque being burned in a fire
Folks dressed up like cabin boys....

Tweed(life) Dezno

I am but a noob compared to the rest of ye and know nothing of the past differences between Kaptein Dutch and the Lords of Antiquity other than sloops not battling in Beeks and the Furry ban in effect there. I would like to say that Dutch, being a just an caring person has allowed at least one furry in Beek and it has been roasting over an open fire for a couple weeks now and has been a welcome addition to our usual fare of hardtack and saltpork. Many thanks to ye for that Dutch, as my scurvey has relented somewhat with only moderate gum bleeding and no tooth loss yet this week!!
As I say, I am still a noob (but have logged many hours in both of these great and wondrous sims due to my new found addiction to being sunk and blasted to bits) and probably have no place to speak at this table but wanted to suggest to both parties to keep the lines of parlez open. Intersim tournaments should happen with all the major players in place and would no doubt be of great benefit to Pirate captains, common sailors as well as the Lords and Ladies of the traitorous R.A.N.

Long live King James and the Family of Stuart.

Black Swan

Raine Milena


Well said.

Your letter resonated a dark chord within me and I have to respond. You say you believe in breaking things down to their simplest form in order to solve problems? Within the pirate group I tend to be quieter, and one reason is because I worry about offending anyone. And sometimes, I feel like I'm one of the few who worries bout anything as trivial as someone else's feelings. After all, what woman would dare refer to herself as a pirate, and still be concerned with how other people feel? After all, all you "real" pirates out there can't actually care about offending anyone, but seem to care so deeply when your own feelings are hurt, or else you're banned.
Allow me to expound on your view by sending these thoughts...

Ego. (read testosterone) has polluted our SL air so much so that we pirates are becoming divided.
It sounds so simplistic, right? And isn't this exactly what everyone has really been saying so far? So let's clarify; allow me to give you a sample of the noise I've heard from many different "pirates". See if any of you find any irony in any of this:

Some "pirates" exclude by a need to control and dictate RP right on down to the very way a person expresses him or herself in and out of character.
Some feel the need to control by the way a ship looks in appearance- even if it meets gaming standard for everyone gathered for battle.
Some people exclude by believing that one set of mythical "tail" is ok, but that other beings are too unrealistic to be included..

etcetera, ad nauseam. It's amazing that in a world based on dreams, we still have such issues of having to control everyone else's idea of heaven. It would be understandable if someone was caught cheating the rules or hurting another player, but what I really see is just issues of control, concerning ego.

What I find the most ironic is when any character playing SL tells me that the people living in any certain sim are not real pirates. Or, that the only "real" pirates are living in sims "J, B or Y", but that the pirates living on sim "A" are all "fake". Are you kidding me? Or could you actually be so lost within SL that you actually believe you are somehow a better pirate because you see yourself as being just oh so much more in character that the others, or that your dress is more authentic, or that your Av has a longer beard than all the pirates who dwell in "sim D"?

Please listen, Ladies, Gentlemen and Whatever Creature You Happen To Be Pretending To Be This Week when I tell you all that SECOND LIFE IS A GAME. If any of you were "real" pirates, (other than maybe BUTT pirates, haha) you wouldn't have the time to devote 4-12 hours a DAY to SL because you'd be too busy trafficking drugs or human cargo. Which isn't romantic- it's disgusting. So try to get over feeling that you are somehow superior, and therefore the authority when it comes to playing at beng a pirate in SL. SL is a land of dreams- everyone's dreams, not just your own. And remember Kris' closing comment-



Ask forgiveness.

Live again.

"When you are green, you grow, when you are ripe, you rot."

Raine Milena,

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