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September 11, 2008


kris dibou

Wish we could get rid of 'map', but since our calendar feeds from a google calendar, they politely inserted the 'map' function in and I cannot remove it. When you click the URL though, it will show you a map of where you are going :)
Full Sails,

Kurt Jiagu

Jabberwock has added another Battle time recently, called Sinkin` Saturday this battle is scheduled at 5 pm slt on Saturdays .Also would like to say what a great idea this calendar is ,it does seem to have one glitch though ,the map function seems to select RL places , not the sims in SL !!!Maybe this needs checking :) otherwise youre doing a great job !!!

Quintus Beaumont

Kurt Jiagu wrote "I still havent seen any comment from the so called "Brethren" of Pirates from Antiquity".

Kurt, did the scavengers pick out your eyes? Are you wearing an eyepatch on both your shutters? If you look at the first post in this very topic, you will see that the Brethren is taking an active intrest in this Blog. They read it and one of them - yours truly - has written a comment on the page you are now viewing. ::tips his hat::

A get together of all Pirates of SL is indeed a good suggestion. But do not even think about wattering the rum or this encounter will end up in a huge bar fight! ::secretly looks forward to that possibility::

Kurt Jiagu

i still havent seen any comment from the so called "Brethren" of Pirates from Antiquity, do they feel they don`t need this , or are they just scared to be battling against Pirates from other Islands , surely one of them has an opininion on this. And as for the point about the Pirates who have the strongest feelings on this subject being the ones who are banned, yes this is probably true.They are also the ones who are more passionate about pirating ,if I may quote one of my pirates,and she knows who she is " we dont just talk like pirates, we ARE pirates " . I know there are others who feel like this and its why there is so much conflict and bickering amongst the pirates but if you check your history books this is the way it was !!! Now as to Dutch`s idea of a parley amongt the Captains , I agree this might be useful.I am also willing and prepared to meet to discuss these ideas more .......and I`m suggesting the Ile aux Pirates , a French Pirate sim for this parley , if the owner there dosent mind . I`m also suggesting there are no more than 3 representing each pirate faction ,and that the main points of issue or discussion are listed on here before the parley takes place so we all know what we are going to argue over before we get there !!

kris dibou

yes, to view an entry on the battle calendar, simply click on it and it will expand downward to be readable.
After that, clicking 'more details' will bring the actual calendar entry out in another screen.
Full sails,


Quintus Beaumont

Great Blog. I like the initiative of the Battle Calendar. That indeed is very useful.

At this moment I can, however, not properly view the calendar on my computer. The letters are too big to be completely vissible. Is there something I need to change in my settings or is that something the Blog Administrators can do for us?

Keep up the good work!

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