kris Electricteeth

For those of you following this string, you may now register for future InterSim Pirate Battles here in the SwashBuccaTeer. Just click the link in the story Register for InterSim Battles and, should the popup window with the questionairre not appear, click the backup link that comes up.

Eddy Cannonball

Yes exactly Pamus!

So for the first intersim battle lets use the neutral waters that Kris found. LEts decide on a date and time and lets find some one to make a trophy!


Pamus Bing

I have read through all the posts on this subject. And the only conclusion that I can draw is that like most things on Second Life all that is done at the end of the day is talk. I live in and love Antiquity but the region is fragmented with many different groups and attitudes, they alone will take time to blend into one homogenised group. The same conclusion I draw with the various Pirate groups from Second Life as these post show we are still at each other’s throats.

The only answer in my way of thinking is just to start the Inter Sim Battles in a Region where the least amount of people are banned, plus trying to cover both time zones. Once Estate owners start to see the benefits of the increased traffic to their regions thy then may start to think about lifting bans on various individuals. People are banned for a reason, something they have done to upset someone. The question that should ask themselves is what I can do to readdress the situation. The only situation I see bans been unreasonable is through sexual origination or of been a Furry.

Someone has to bight the bullet and say “Yea to day I start the first Inter Sim Battle” ......That will be the beginning. Problems will be resolved with the progress of time.

Think of two Fleets of ten ships each sailing towards each other from opposite ends of a Region, both Fleets sailing through each other cannons blazing away in the mealy. Turning around then doing the same again, but this time with the added interest of avoiding ships where the Captains have died and the vessels are a hazard to the safety of your own ship.

Captain of Ann Bonny
Pamus Bing



I remember the only sea battle we had very well Kurt, me alone in a longship against you & yer crew in whatever that was - a sloop? Took me about 10 seconds to have both my forward guns jammed up yer backside and I was firing at will ~ LOL ARRR I admit to being cheeky with yer and while my guns were reloading I swiped my forward mast along yer deck to worry you & yer crew a bit more ~ LOL ARRR Of course it was no surprise to see you and yer ship vanish before our very eyes, leaving yer crew to fall into the water ~ LMAO ARRRR!

Awww I know you can dish it out OK in your hate emails to me Kurt - like you did earlier this week ~ or your hate IM's as you've done in the past ~ and you've whinged about my RP attitude in this very blog

LOL ARRRR seems you boys can dish it out OK but yer cannot take it, eh?

LOL ARRRRR Bring on the battles!

Captain Jiagu of Jabberwock

gaia this is the second verbal attack on Graves youve made in less than a week ,once on here and once in a group chat which was seen by just as many people .I am not sure what your issue is with him but this is not the place for it.If you have personal issues with him take them somewhere else .........


/me passes a hanky to Graves.

There there lad, dry yer eyes. I'd put some dirt on ya here Graves but it looks like yer still digging deeper yerself ~ LOL ARRRR Bring on the battles!


Ok, I've read through these and find many valid points and unfortunately the stubborness we've all seen continue on in this blog.
Strangly enough I agree with Ten's long statement. Thsis in particular: "Just cause some "pirates" choose to be themselves instead of something they are not (ie: nobility) they are forever "labled"??? Just cause some push the envelope more then others ..they are banned????..just cause some choose not to back down ... they are seen as the "ememy"?? Just cause some take piracy as a way of life..they are forever labled as trouble some?? I quote that the management of one of the "pirate sims" involved as saying "everyone has to be shown respect".
The usage of the word "respect" was so blatantly used it brings my blood to boil. "
I've been known for well over a year as a hardass or crude & lude pirate. Many have taken offense to my Roleplay/attitude but it's a good example of the consistant misconceptions & intolerance resulting in bans by people who'd prefer we all just be great friends, adress eachother nobily,and gossip.
If you wish to have your sims PIRATE themed or claim RP sims everyone has to do a better job letting things go. Ban someone for dropping 5,000 prims and griefer tools NOT for their attitude.
The parley is a great idea in an effort to finally drop the bans of non griefers so that we may all travel sim to sim with our crews and fleets.
If you must ban people I suggest a time frame (within weeks) where you clear your list and start again. People will learn their lesson or get banned again.
On a personal note to Ten: You describe my situation very well up there. I do recall even swallowing my pride to speak to you guys at Beeks yet it went unchanged. Have you unbanned me then?
.. didn't think so.

Quintus Beaumont

I agree with Eddy, Marlee and many others: even though a few people are banned from Antiquity, this does not have to mean the rest can not have inter-sim sea battle tournaments.

A question to Dutch & Tenaj: Are you willing to lift the bans on the individuals, ship types (sloops) and avatar types (furries) that are banned from Beek Haven? Are you prepared to give people a second chance and allow every Pirate to enjoy a nice sea battle competition in your beautiful sims or are you as inflexible in this matter as Gregg is?

Tenaj HoorenbeeK

I have sat by and watch the postings .... It amuses me to see that some just do not get the parley in general....a parley amongst the pirate sims is just that..amongst the pirate sims... it seems that tho some of the postings are by persons whom consider themselves above the common description of a pirate..according to Webster's dictionary: a pirate is one who is a sea robber, one who infringes on others ..... that being said, those banned certain places (excluding those who did not follow the Sim rules) ..where doing just that..being a pirate .... and yet it was said that some wanted them to "make every effort to get a person to change thier ways " .... give me a break!!. Just cause some "pirates" choose to be themselves instead of something they are not (ie: nobility) they are forever "labled"??? Just cause some push the envelope more then others ..they are banned????..just cause some choose not to back down ... they are seen as the "ememy"?? Just cause some take piracy as a way of life..they are forever labled as trouble some?? I quote that the management of one of the "pirate sims" involved as saying "everyone has to be shown respect".
The usage of the word "respect" was so blatantly used it brings my blood to boil. How can someone who wants everyone to be shown respect ..say such a comment??? When they themselves did not show "respect" and passed on an opprotuinty for a parley. A line of communication was opened ...and this same person..and yes i mean Gregg Barrymore ...opted not to do a IM conference, or respond to an IM, but, opted to post his views in this blog ...... how sad ... he down right refused to even a sit down conversation, which was mediated by our very own Antigua Jewell .... I took that a as a slap in her face .... I commend Antiqua on her efforts .. and I also commend Dutch on his efforts to be present and at his extended hand to resolve ...
It is now up to each and everyone to decide what is best for them ..... it is apparent that a parley is out of the question amongst ALL the "real" pirate sims and ones who think they are. Take it upon yerselves and decide what is best for you .... PERIOD. For christ sake its a GAME....remember that only get out of it what you put in..and if your putting in garbage..what yer going to get out of it is GARBAGE. It appauls me to see that hands where extended to resolve issues then bluntly pushed away and snubbed. The "real" pirates can judge for themselves who is passionate about being a pirate and who is just trying to save face now.

Marlee Laval

Ok, Pirates, I'm gonna weigh in here, because as y'all know I don't normally keep my mouth shut, and I would hate to disappoint. I just had a chance today to get in to Sl and on here(was busy for a couple of days in - eek -RL -- so my apologies to Kurt who expected all of us Brethern folk to jump on immediately and respond - although I counted 7 members who responded within 24 - 48 hours...). I've read through the postings - a couple of times...

The part that stands out to me is that intersim contests CAN be held - the issue is what to do over the small handful of people who have incurred bans at one or more of the various sims. Is that enough to hold up the rest of us (well, the rest of the people who are not banned anywhere --I am banned at one place, actually, so I am part of from competing where we are allowed?

Do we demand all or nothing? Or do we see the merit in having our sim mates play where they are allowed in the proposed intersim tournament to represent the sim, even if we have a couple of people who will not be able to play at that location?

Gregg Barrymore

Greetings and Ahoy to All,
Perhaps some did not quite understand my comments, I did not refuse to parlay with all, only with those who are banned as it serves no purpose.
I bann griefers with out a second thought however residents and known guests I take time and great consideration before I enact a bann and do so with pain in my heart. I make every effort to get a person to change thier ways before I bann them.
I must however protect Antiquity from those who can not control themselves and treat others with disrespect, some are just that way by nature some think RP gives them the right to do so. But in Antiquity everyone has to be shown respect.
For the good of Antiquity I can not allow those who have proven themseleves unworthy of battling and or living amongst our great residents here to return and disrupt our community.

Fair Winds,

Gregg Barrymore

Kurt Jiagu

Dutch ,just to reiterate what Eddy said ,all sims will continue as usual to have their regular scheduled Battles , this was never in question .Though it would have been better if a truce had been called and bans lifted for so called "bad behaviour " which for most bannings was probably no more than a kneejerk reaction to a disagreement or bad language ...Situations can easily be misinterpreted?(hope thats correct spelling :))in SL as we all know .......and one persons idea of a banning offence might not be everyone elses .Any way back to the intersim tournaments and battles ,the idea of these was to give us all something a bit more challenging and exciting than the normal battles .And as Eddy so rightly pointed out also the "Bragging Rights" .Lifting the bans would allow this and also allow freedom of movement between all pirate sims for pirates ......which is how it should be . Now ive been present when some of these bans have been issued and to be honest i didnt think there was any need for them ,but then maybe i am not as sensitive as some others :)

Eddy Cannonball

Dutch I think we all got that point and we know that the subject on that is unfortunattly closed.

The intersim tourney subject was i guess a sub topic that it seems most of us want to continue. Perhaps a new blog needs to be opened to seperate the two.

The intersim battles are going to be for bragging rights plane and simple. Which sims have the best captains and crews. Im sure you guys wouldnt mind seeing a nice big ass trophy in the Keep or calico jacks or where ever saying the pirates of this home port beat all others.


Ok... I said I was done. But there is a point that I need to make. This was never about *temporary* ban lifting for tournies. This was about full access... As far as inter-sim battles, we have, and will continue to have, our scheduled battles in Beek. Where, if you can follow the estate rules ye are more than welcome to participate.

Eddy Cannonball

Im with Quint, Kurt, and Gia. LEt the Parlay continue.

Sea Battles are fun, but they are also business. Business brings people and money to the pirate sims and into the piracy. The more people and money the more the sims grow and the better for all of us to have fun, bring in more people and make money. Anyone else see a cycle here?

I say lets get to back to business.

Kurt Jiagu

The trouble with antiquity is that it isn`t just Pirate only like the other sims involved ,Gregg as an owner has his rights ,whether right or wrong in other peoples opinions, to do as he wants . I suggest the parlay goes on , and if inter sims Battles and tournaments are arranged then the Pirates from Antiquity fight their intersim " home battle " on that 22 sims of open water that Kris mentioned in the original post here. Unfortunately the only real loser here would be Antiquity with Greggs unwillingness to compromise i think the second option of Quintus is the one to take

Quintus Beaumont

This thread started with the wish of Pirates of all SL-nations to get together and organize inter-sim battles. It now appears that Gregg is not willing to temporarily lift the bans in Antiquity. But does this have to mean we can not realize what we want? This idea for a get together is a Pirate initiative. And when the Pirates truly want to get together, they get together.

I see three options.
1) As Dutch proposes, we stop our talks about inter-sim/inter-estate sea battles, because this is no longer possible for a very few of us in one of the estates.
2) We carry on the idea and do our bestto organize inter-sim sea battles outside Antiquity.
3) We try to organize the sea battles in all Pirate estates and accept the fact that in Antiquity not everybody will be able to join the fights.

I myself think that the first option is the least favourable. Therefore I'm still in favour of a parlay.


Really bad eggs!

Of course the Duke has a responsibility to uphold law & order in his part of the world and every right to enforce the Antiquity bans. Gregg is right in saying that lifting those bans for the sake of tourneys would open old wounds and grievances. It sends the message that people can behave badly enough to get banned from a battle sim - but they can still participate in battles there.

The parlez is off because the other sim owners are not flexible enough to accomodate the view on only one battle area. So what if one group enforces its bans? Why don't the other sims show Antiquity that these tourneys can work, and lead by example?

Parlez is give and take - swallow yer pride gentlemen and come back to the table!

Really bad eggs!

Antigua Jewell

To our friendly foes out there, I must make comment ......the powers that be, tried to make parlay.......Beeks and Jabberwock agreed to discuss our differences and parlay, But Antiquity said no. So be it mates.


After reading Gregg's posting, the parlay is off. It makes no sense to continue any further discussion on this matter.

Gregg Barrymore

Greetings all,
I'd like to say a few things...

First I alone am responcible (the buck stops here)for bannings in Antiquity.
The Govenor only enforces my decisions as to whom I ban. I make every effort to consult with an offending party and give them multiple chances but there comes a point where I must take the good of Antiquity into consideration and regretable ban individuals.
I understand some bannings have upset some friends of those who have been banned but alas I can't please everyone, I wish I could but sometimes I have to end bad situations with a banning.

As for intersim battles, everyone who isn't banned is free to battle here as long as they are respectful of others and follow the rules.

I will take into consideration sanctioned scheduled intersim competition with sims that are eligible to do so with us (Sim owners can not be banned persons from Antiquity, this would only open old wounds.)

Please feel free to contact me on any of these matters but be forewarned I will not remove any bans.


Quintus Beaumont

Count me in. I'm available on almost every day next week. But let it be a time that is convenient for pirates of both the Old and New World.


LOL ARRR! It's all good - bring on the battles!

How many period sims does one need to own to participate in parlez? I have two with more ordered.

BTW I have not been banned from any sim to my knowledge, and really have only had disagreements with a couple of blokes. I do not expect to be invited to parlez, but will throw my hat into the ring and work towards inter-sim battles if asked ... available anytime :)

Eddy Cannonball

Looks like things are starting to move in the right direction. Tis good to see.

If I may make a suggestion...

Find someone impartial and neutral to moderate.

Maybe Chase since we use his ships to battle. he would have a vested interest in seeing increase in battles.

OR someone who fights in all the sims.

or someone who doesnt have anyting to do with any of the sims.

Slam McMahon

Rather than rehash the material that has been covered here at length I'll be brief.

The Antiquity estate owners were not even aware of this proposal or discussion until I brought it to the grand Duchess' attention 12 hours ago. I think there's a willingness to at least hear out the proposals on the table.

Perhaps if the sim estate owners could post availability times for when a meeting could take place we can move forward here.

What say ye?

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