Raine Milena

Dutch, there is a lot that many of us don't understand. I'll always favor a meeting that might clear the air, in hopes that we can all move forward, lift bans and live & Melee happily ever after.



Read my comments in the other blog. All sims have their own rules. Any bannings in Beek are a result of violations - particularly griefing. It is not eye-for-an-eye in my case. Most of the major "players" are not banned ... not even angus or gregg! I was banned from Antiquity for unknown reasons. And despite numerous attempts to communicate with gregg, I still have no idea, 7 months later.

If any wish to talk to me about this IM me... I do not and will not air anymore in public. I am afraid that since gregg has taken a hard-line approach to this...any further discussion on inter-sim battles is useless and worthless.

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