Tweed(life) Dezno

Odd that this story has resurfaced, or mebbe not, as we saw a fleet or two of flying dutchmen, and almost every other type sailing vessel taking wings Sunday at the regatta. The Pyrate's were many and the lag was even greater than that encountered at Beek Haven docks on Battle Nights. I saw galleons, corsairs and possibly a new type proto-brigantine airborne. It was total chaos as expected but gave us all a chance to match up against the newer racing vessels. I was summat surprised to find that the Black Swan was able to run neck and neck with a sleek black catamaran for some distance. My gunner,the ever trigger-happy Sho Kyong, used super human restraint by not firing a single shot the entire time there and she will get an extra ration of rum for her efforts as well as full access to the captain's lemons.

At any rate, we did manage to complete the course after stopping a couple times to get our bearings with the map. After crossing the finish line at 46:10 or something close to that, we sailed the channels and found much pirate debris floating, spars and even an entire CorairSailsWear assembly in the backwaters.

It was a good time and good to be amongst so many hard core SL sailers united as one flying organism of wood canvas, lines and fiberglass.

Black Swan Xebec
Beek Haven, SL

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