Argus Foxclaw

All makes sense to me, and though KISS is a useful maxim to bear in mind often, a quick examination of a few "problem solving scenarios" will make if quickly obvious, that a lot of problems just wouldn't get solved if this was the only consideration. Still, the word "stupid" never hurts in a reasoned response I guess. Thus I include it too :)

Burnman Bedlam

Looks like a lot of useless features. Lag, lag, and more lag. We would all have been much better off had the old system simply been improved for efficiency and cheating prevention, but it looks like chase is trying to cater to everyone by including all of this extra bloat.

Ever here of KISS? Keep It Simple Stupid!

kaffe mcmahon

This is an excellent article that gives a detailed explaination of new features and functionality.

I commend Chase for his programming efforts and believe that he should be rewarded.

A question for the naysayers, what kind of land boat do ye drive? A Model T, Tin Lizzy or something a bit more modern. Thank goodness for a/c in my car, I am glad someome came up with a better idea.

Thanks to Kris and Chase for putting this together to get out to our sailing community.

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